DevOps / Site Reliability

Collaborate directly with development teams to create faster and more efficient release cycles. Leverage industry standard tooling to codify infrastructure and operations. Increase observability of application and business metrics.


Provide in-depth guidance and recommendations for building best practice architecture and environments aligned with AWS Well-Architected Framework and assist with delivery of projects.


Assess and harden AWS cloud environments from network, IAM, and AWS platform levels. Integrate security audit logs into SIEM solutions and help build operational security processes.



I am a software engineer with a diverse experience set around both traditional IT and more modern cloud infrastructure environments. I am a proponent of the “everything as code” mindset and strive to codify, orchestrate, and automate as much as humanly possible to relieve operational demands. I believe that the more you can automate, the more you can scale, and the more you can further innovate.

I have strong experience managing complex infrastructure and applications, automating business and process workflows, performing large scale load testing, building custom software applications (frontend and backend), and operating production workloads in both on-premise and cloud environments for a variety of industry verticals (gaming, e-commerce, SaaS, entertainment, health care & life sciences).


Infrastructure as Code

Terraform, Cloudformation

Continuous Integration/Deployment

Gitlab CI, Concourse CI, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild

Config Management

Ansible, Chef, Puppet

Secrets Management

Vault, AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager

Monitoring, Logging, and APM

NewRelic, SumoLogic, ELK Stack, FluentD, Grafana, DataDog


Python, BASH/Shell, Powershell

Container Orchestration

Kubernetes, Docker Compose, AWS Elastic Container Service

Application Frameworks

Flask, Django, Laravel, Symfony, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Ruby on Rails


MySQL, PostGreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB